Sep 11, 2011

Mer Bleue and Harvest Moon

A few shots from Mer Bleue from this weekend.   You may recall a few previous visits;

Wasn't the greatest day for photography.  Very bright, no clouds (thus no contrast) and lots of very loud people around who scared off any sign of wildlife.   We're going to get back this winter and try for the wildlife.

Click the image for a bigger version.

Holding the camera a few inches over the water ;-)
3 shot pano
A wide look thru the trees.  Apparently there is a porcupine that hangs out in this tree.
A new walkway that they were installing during my spring visit.

Playing with the wide angle at 10mm

Jen's idea ;-)  For months I've been telling her to look for new angles to make pictures different.  She commented, "get on your belly."

Tonight is suppose to be a harvest moon and a chance of northern lights.  I'll be watching for the moon but doubtful on the northern lights as the city of Ottawa is to my north, so unlikely it will cut through the light, but I'll be watching.

The almost full moon was pretty cool last night so shot this one;

Going to be a busy week.  Learned on Friday that I have to meet with my lawyer on Monday to get ready for a "5 way" mediation on Friday.  Instead of a judge we're trying a 3rd lawyer who will act as a mediator.  Fingers crossed we can resolve the issues and get the paperwork finally on the go.

Good week to everyone!


  1. Beautiful. Love the first shot with all the lily pads. Good luck with the upcoming proceedings!

  2. Moon shot is cool :) Hope today went well. Good luck with Friday's session.