Jan 29, 2011

Weird Weekend

Bit of a strange weekend on this end.   The first weekend in my memory that I haven't been hanging out with Jen.  An weekend of unforeseen circumstances.  Normally I would have been at Jen's this weekend but Keaton decided he wanted to come up here to study for his hardest exam (but I think he just likes the piece and quiet and more importantly the high speed internet).   On top of that Jen came down with the flu earlier this week and has been feeling terrible, although she seems more on the mend today and to top it all off she's carless.  Her car decided to die during the cold this week.  I was unable to boost it and the battery seems fine.  Sucks that I couldn't help her out more.  But it's been towed off to a garage and hopefully will be an easy, and cheap, fix on Monday.    As a result she's at her home and I'm at mine. :-(  

Got up this morning and the snow was coming down.  Would have been a good day for a walk in the woods but instead spent the day working on Bermuda Images.   For years I've been putting off organizing and naming many of my images.  So today was Bermuda!   Found a good program for making galleries called  JAlbum, so after figuring it out, naming images, uploading and changing all the html code I looked up to discover it was dark again.   Ouch, an entire day!   I'm still not 100 percent happy with the home page but the galleries have come together.   Bermuda images is now up to page 3 on google so I'm hoping it will continue to move up and start getting some hits.  Anyhow, check the site out and see what you think.  I'm always open to constructive criticism, just remember I'm not much of a web designer ;-)

I also realized today that this is the 1 year mark of when I made one the toughest decisions of my life.  It was 1 year ago today that Cathy and I sat down and decided to separate.  As a result this past year has involved a complete lifestyle change along with the ups and downs associated with it.   Unfortunately much still needs to be resolved with things not going as smooth as I had hoped.  But in evaluating the past year I can honestly say I have no regrets.   I'm so much happier and healthy now, I feel so much younger and am enjoying life.  Having Jen with me has made my world such a wonderful place.

No pictures to post but I did post almost 200 over on Bermuda Images, so if you wanna see some warm temps and ocean views, head on over and check them out.   I'm watching the airfares to Bermuda right now, Jen and I are trying for a trip to the island in May.  It can't come soon enough!  And looking forward to showing "my island" off to Jen ;-)   She's going to love it.

If the weather is clear I'm going to try for a few landscape and horse shots in the morning.  Check back to see if I got off my lazy ass and made it happen! ;-)


  1. Hey! Just checked out your "Bermuda Images" website - fantastic photos!!!! Hope Keaton does well on his exam and that Jen is over the flu soon.


  2. Just took a gander at your new site ... beautiful. I like how you can view images via slideshow or manually, and how clicking each photo moves you forward. Easy to navigate. It's so good to see your Bermuda images especially at this time of year. The colour of the water .... ahhh, it's amazing!