Jan 3, 2011

Random Stuff

Back home again after spending almost 10 days at Jens having a wonderful Christmas.  Feels very strange being back in my own little home alone with no cats, kid or Jen.  Very quiet hahaha.   But wouldn't have traded the past 10 days for anything.  A wonderful time.

Not a lot of photos taken over the past 10 days but a few here and there.  Click the image for a bigger version.

I'd promised photos of the tattoos after healing, well it's been healed for weeks ;-).   Excuse the hair, unfortunate side of being 40+ old male.

and Jen's!

Jen and I.  She looks taller from some heal action on her shoes ;-)   So much for vertical strips making me look slim....

Two pretty ladies.  Jen and Erin.

My pretty lady ;-)


  1. You guys have a Happy New Year!

    (furry herons - LOL!) ;-)

  2. You guys look fantastic ... Glad to hear you were able to spend a lot of time together. And the tattoos are beautiful - the colours are amazing. LOL at Kyle's comment re: furry herons. :-)

    Hope you're not finding it too hard getting back into the post-holiday routine. We've got one more Christmas yet to celebrate (this weekend), so it doesn't feel finished quite yet.

    Happy New Year Scott and Jen!

    Oh, Scott -- I sent my camera off for repairs. Hoping that it will be covered under warranty, fingers crossed anyways!

  3. Hey guys! Funny Kyle, very funny ;-)

    Candis, good luck with the camera, fingers crossed for you. I didn't have to much trouble getting back into the routine as I had worked a bit between xmas and new years so not a huge shock. Jen on the other hand ;-)

    That shadow behind us in that pic of Jen and I pissed me off so bad that we've ordered a couple of Gary Fong Chinese ripoff diffusers. I'm going to figure out how to use a flash this year if it kills me.

    BTW, are you going to post your 365 project somewhere? Would love to see it.

    Enjoy your extra xmas this weekend!

  4. LOL re the Gary Fongers ... :) If you do get them, I'd love to hear (and see) your experiences with them. As for the 365, I pulled up the hard drive and started looking through last January with great intentions and then quickly became overwhelmed by the sheer volume. LOL, it's still on the to do list though. Maybe the a select few per month to keep it reasonable. We'll see. But I'll post them on the blog when I do. :-)

  5. Yes I'm curious as to how the "Gary Fongers" will work as well hahaha. The ones we ordered are the puffer ripoffs for the built in flash. Yesterday I found a cheap source for the lightsphere ripoff as well (20 bucks) so ordered one of those as well.

    Yes 365 pictures can be a pretty big pile. Ya, hit the hilights of a particular month.

  6. Happy New Year Kyle and Candis!! Let's hope 2011 is even better than 2010 was :)