Dec 19, 2010


Can't say this was my idea ;-)   Thanks to Candis Sabean for the inspiration.

Had some light fluffy snow last night.  The sun was shining on the new snow so out this morning with the tripod and the maco lens.  No crops here, full size images.  Only spent a few minutes outside in my t-shirt and have since discovered my camera was set to an insane 1600 ISO - DOH!.  Might try this again and put some effort into it.

Click images for later version.


  1. Scott, those are fantastic!

    I love the views where you can see many individual flakes. Just think of how many there are in that vast white sea ... ;-)

  2. They're all fabulous, but I really like the middle one!

    Now, are all the flakes, in fact, unique?

  3. Thanks Candis, and again thank you for the wonderful idea!

    Kyle - pull out your glasses old man and start looking :-)

  4. Scott

    I like the 3rd one (blue/gray). Great photo!

  5. Those are something very different from what I've seen before! Nice going