Dec 12, 2010


Hanging out with/at Jen's all weekend.

Back several weeks ago, a friend contacted me about using some of my images for his stain glass work.   "Of course" I said, "I'd love to see a few of my images on glass."   Got a facebook note from him on Friday night that one of my images would be on display Saturday at "Stained Glass Stuff" and to come down and take a look.  Jen and I took a run over and they didn't have 1 of my images done, they had 4 of them done up!   I have pictures on my little Lumix but Jen doesn't have an SD card reader and I forgot my cable.  So pictures coming on Monday or Tuesday ;-)      The work they do there is amazing!  Wait till you see the shots of what they did/do.

Saturday afternoon was putting up the tree and today (Sunday) will be baking ChriFSMas cookies, tree decorating and watching the snow and freezing rain fall.  I'm snowed in for another night ;-)   I have no plans to be running around in the freezing rain so will just stay another night and off to work tomorrow.  Calling for only 5cm's of snow but then changing to freezing rain and 50km winds.  I'm staying put!

For the critical eye who noticed ChisFSMas in the above paragraph, no it isn't a typo ;-)   With all the controversy every year about the word Christ in Christmas vs Happy Holiday and all the other foolishness I thought I'd drop another one in there to celebrate Mythmas ;-)     Most people know that I am not religious but am spiritual.  But I am also respectful of everyone's opinions.  Each persons belief is their belief.  You want to say Merry Christmas to me - great!, you want to say Happy Hanukkah to me - great!, you want to say Happy Holidays - great!  or any other greeting that means something to your beliefs at this time of year.

For those who take religion serious, skip this part, but for those of you who want a chuckle, check out Pastafarianism - also known as The Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster.  Heck FSM is even found in Wikipedia.   I was introduced to this a few months ago and I check the website from time to time.  It's a good poke at religion but unfortunately some folks take it way too seriously.   But good for a chuckle if you need one!

Have a great weekend everyone and hope to have pictures of the stain glass up in a day or two.

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