Aug 22, 2010

New Fishing Buddy

My daughter, Toria, and I went out fishing on Friday for a few hours ;-)   Not much luck, very sunny and warm with lots of weeds but we had a good time.   She managed to briefly hook a small one, no bites for me.  But was there more for the company ;-)

Was a good week off, although it went wayyyyyy to quickly.   Back to work tomorrow but this short week was one to remember ;-)


  1. Very glad that you and Toria had some quality time together. Nice to see :)

  2. Agree with Sharon -- looks like a beautiful day to be out on the water. And way to go Toria for getting the catch that day. :)

    One of the (only?) downsides to holidays is that they end ... ;) Hope they let you ease back in when you return.