Aug 27, 2010

Got a Virus?

Well I have got the fix for ya!

I've known about this tool for a few years now but I keep forgetting about it, cause I never get viruses, until someone drops a computer off to be fixed.  Like my son, Keaton, with his rather messed up laptop today.   So this is as much of a reminder for me, as it's info for you.

When you get a virus you will do lots of google searches and hit product after product that claims to remove it.  You download and install it and guess what, they want you to activate it before they will remove it.

Well good news, this tool is completely free and works wonders.  It's called ComboFix.   It looks as scary as hell and when your running it your going to be thinking that the world has come it an end.  It will beep at you, make you click yes, reboot (sometimes more then once) but in the I'll almost guarantee your problem will be gone.

Here's what you need to know;

1.  Go to ComboFix.Org
2.  Download it only from the links indicated on the site. (don't download it from anywhere else.  Hackers have been known to put fake versions up with viruses inside.  It's that good) Look for the tiny print to find it, they have lots of advertising for pay products all around it.
3.  Disable your current virus scanner.
4.  Run the program.

This is where it gets scary.  Chances are it will want to install a microsoft tool on your computer.  Let it.  Give it the tools it needs.   It will take time to run, a blue dos screen will come up in the middle of the screen, just let it run.  You'll think it has stopped working, don't abort, just let it run.  It can take upwards of an hour, just let it do it's thing.

The only other option is to wipe the computer and start from scratch, so why not give it a try.   If your in trouble, feel free to drop me an e-mail, will help if I can ;-)

PS - here is a good tutorial that shows all the scary stuff -   Bleeping Computer.

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