Mar 14, 2010

F1 and IndyCar Returns

Woot!   One of my favourite days of the year.  After a month of having to endure watching NASCARs running around in circles we get to see some real racing.  F1 out of Bahrain, which I'm watching while writing this and IndyCar this afternoon out of Brazil.

The F1 season is shaping up to be an exciting year with as many as 4 really competitive teams and a few dark horses in the crowd.  Up to 26 cars back on the grid.  New rules that include no refueling, for an F1 car to do a race on 1 tank of fuel made for some really interesting engineering in the cars.  And I'm no Shumacher fan but having him back in the field in a non-Ferrari car is just fun.  So the potential is there.

I remain hopefully optimistic about the IndyCar season but that series has been hanging by a thread.  Only 2 top teams, full of pay drivers and a piece of shit car.  It just kills me that so many excellent drivers are sitting on the sidelines (Paul Tracy, Andrew Ranger and Graham Rahal to name a few) while shit drivers get seats cause they have money.  The car count is low (around 20), TV package in the states is terrible and the 10 year old cars are looking aged and slow.  It was looking promising that the first race would be at a new venue on the streets of Sao Paulo Brazil but then they had to delay qualifying due to the straight away being to slick causing the cars to do 180's on the straight aways?  Apparently the track is concrete and the surface is to slick even for a low powered (compare to the old champ cars), high downforce Indy Car.  They were going to grind the surface over night and retry qualifying before the race.   Not a good start to the season.  But I see a Penske Ganassi dominated field again this year - sigh.

I have enjoyed some of the early sports car racing (Grand-Am, Rolex etc) this year.  It's actually been fun to watch and might replace IndyCar on my "must watch" list.  Now that would be sad.

Raining here today and it's effecting my Satellite dish so the face is getting all glitchy - NOOOOOOOOO, argh, first race of the year and I get "searching for Satellite Signal" - not fair!!!!

Sorry there haven't been any new pictures of late.  Spring is here but all the good weather has been during the week days, weekend weather is shit.  Might have to give up on landscapes and switch to wildlife.  Anyone got around 11k for a good 2.8F lens with 600mm zoom?

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