Mar 14, 2010

F1 and IndyCar Returns Part 2

Well I screwed that one up ;-)

The F1 race was as boring a sin.  No passing or drama.  All the cars made 1 pit stop and that was the end of it.  Already the call is out that the rules need to be changed immediately.  Have to say I agree.  The tires are to durable and we need a few more stops.

And the Indy Car race from Brazil was a pleasant surprise.  A scary/terrible accident to start the race (thus rolling double file starts need to be banned and switched to a standing start) but fortunately no one was injured.  Although rain shortened and a red flag in the middle we seen some different cars near the front, some good passing and a very entertaining race.  Well done.  Penske still won but it wasn't handed to him.  Fingers crossed that we have a decent season to watch.

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