Jan 27, 2010

Yup, blogging again

The Canadian Loon;
  • Uniquely Canadian, haunting, majestic and mysterious;  or
  • A Canadian Nutcase
Normally one of these two definitions will describe me at any given time.  You decide which applies.  The loon is also my spirit animal and holds a very deep place in my heart and my soul.

So starts blog number 4 over a timeframe of 6 years.  My track record with these things hasn't been the greatest but it amazes me how many people actually enjoyed my writing and have asked me to come back.  For those who just want to see my photos and not listen to me ramble about mindless crap, you can find all my images at;
But for those who want a mixture of my warped mind and images, stick around.  I don't post every day, heck sometimes I can go for weeks and other times I never shutup.

Right now I'm in my winter blah's and when that happens I write for some reason.  Photography has been slow these days thanks to the weather so new pictures might be a bit slow in coming.

Comments are ALWAYS welcome, lets me know that someone out there is reading.


  1. Ramble On................ ;-)

  2. Looking forward to the ride ... :)