Jan 29, 2010

Upper Canada Bird Sanctuary - 25 Oct 2009

Still working through the 2009 archives and finding some interesting stuff.  Some I've published, others I haven't.  Click images for larger view.
Leaves were all down making a lovely carpet

(Left) An old walkway on the closed part of the trail.  As soon as I seen the closed trail I just had to go down it ;-)
(Right) Just playing around with an old log trying to have sharp at the front and blurred at the back, didn't really turn out the way I wanted it.

Yes I went to a bird sanctuary and took pictures of a snake.

See, I did find a bird eventually.


  1. This is a beauty!! With blurring out the background, and the whole combination of the little chickadee and the little bit of orange - simple but pure nature at it's best!! :)N

  2. I love the walkway photo ... want to follow it along (although from what you write I wouldn't get far...;-)

  3. Thanks Olivia. I walked all the way around it. It was off season, no one was looking and I had to take my time in a few spots but was worth it ;-)

  4. This is the best entry for me mate! Gotta love the woods there :-)

    P/s: Nice to see you in the blog world again. I gave up updating my blog 'manually' and started to use the built-in Flickr 'blog this' function.. hehe.. at least you took time to write your stuff, which is more effort than mine :D

    All the best buddy and stay safe!!

  5. Hey Vedd, welcome aboard mate, I was beginning to wonder when you'd find your way here. You have 2 small kids, I don't think anyone would blame you for blogging "the easy way". I'm just trying to ensure that blogging doesn't become a "job" for me like it did in the past. Keep it simple ;-)

    Loved the pictures of your son the other day! Those glasses were hilarious!