Sep 5, 2016

Last Long Weekend of Summer 2016

The past summer we have had several great weekends as very good friends of ours have invited us out onto their boat located in the 1000 Islands.  The past few days we had another excellent final trip for the year.   Can't thank them both enough for such a great time on their 2nd home this summer.  A few shots from this past weekend.

We got very lucky and found a mooring ball to hook onto and the decision was made very quickly to stay the night.

The 1000 Islands are a lovely spot with many hidden coves and passages.

I managed to catch a candid shot of our gracious hosts while we treated them to supper for a change.

Sunset through a lantern.

The golden hour approaches.

Next morning as the sun kinda came up.
Sunrise was a bit of a fizzle but still got a bit of a golden sky. 

Couple of neighbouring boats.  Very peaceful spot.

As the fog rolls across the water as it burns off in the morning sunshine.

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