Jan 27, 2016

New Ham Shack

I never planned to purchase another house with a pile of land so my ham radio activities were very down-scaled.   Just enough that I could chat with my friends in Bermuda and play a bit on 6 meters.  The new house has 3 acres of land.  Although I decided to put some bigger antennas up, I've kept things reasonable small compared to my old shack from 1997-2010.

I love my little KX3, it combined with the computer control, a 2m/7cm radio, a rotator and a switch box and I'm good to go.   Not pictures is behind me which is my old TenTec Jupiter and the Icom 2-KL that I drive with the KX3.  A nice clean setup that gives me all the frequencies I need.

Managed to resurrect my old Hy-Gain TH-3Jr and put it up about 27', below that is the 4 element 6 meter quad and on top is the 2m/70cm whip.  There is also a G5RV in the trees for the lower bands.

Not pretty but it seems to work well :-)

I have also scored an old 2 element HF Gem Quad from a friend who is getting out of the hobby.  That will be my spring project.

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