Dec 22, 2014

Playing with the Xmas Tree

Hey everyone.  Fuji is such a no brainer, and I mean it, I left my brain at the door when I took these shots.   Typical Monday at the office so found myself completely brain dead this evening but been meaning to get a few light pictures from the tree.   I picked up both the X100S (put it on F2 and macro) and the X-T1 with the 35mm F1.4.   Didn't think to check the ISO's (I'm normally set to Auto 200-6400), never checked exposures values or anything else.   Turns out the X100S was set to jpg only and the X-T1 was to fine jpg and raw.   No thoughts to settings at all, just started going around the tree snapping here and there.

Stuck them in lightroom, added some contrast to the X100S images which were jpg's only but I found that the X-T1 raw rendering was better then the in camera jpgs....that's a first.   Anyhow below are the results.

One of the cats, Onyx, "nope I never touched it".

Don't blink.

The Dr is in the house!

Fuji makes life so easy.  Just point and shoot.   Tomorrow gonna try a few shots with the 55-200mm and see how they compare.  Maybe I'll even put a few thoughts into composition and camera settings.

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