Feb 3, 2014

Finally! The Sun Shines

After 3 weeks with the X100S the sun finally came out.   Managed to get a couple of minutes to really see what the colour is like.   No edits here, straight from the SD card to blogger, not even a resize.   Auto ISO, Auto DR, Auto Shutter, F5.6, +2 Saturation, STD film, jpg, -1 NR, +1 sharpening, flash on forced (not that it made a difference),  No filters.

Top shot is +.7 on the ev and 2nd is without.   This proves my point that +.7 is needed for snow.

I like what I'm seeing straight out of the camera.  I might turn the saturation down 1 click.  Meant to try out the toy filter on those big trucks but forgot, maybe tomorrow.

(click for full size)

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