Jan 1, 2013

Happy New Year

Happy New Year Everyone!!

A new year, a new freedom a new look.

Sorry that I haven't really written since September.   Even on FaceBook and G+ I've been fairly quiet.   The drama hit a whole new high but I can happily say that yesterday, the 31st, yup the last day of the year, a separation agreement as finally been signed.   After 2.5 years, 4 lawyers on her side, 1 court appearance, 2 mediators and a pile of shit we finally got it done.    Just some last paperwork in April to reconcile 2012 and I can finally say it's over.   And what better day to put it behind me but on the first day of a new year!   May 2013 be the start of something fresh without all the drama and foolishness.  

Someday I'll sit down and put all my thoughts on paper but long story short, the Canadian family law is completely screwed!   It really needs to be revamped in a big way.   In the end she got exactly what she would have gotten from a mediator but instead she ensured that we wasted thousands upon thousands with lawyers because she continued to take bad advice from people who don't know what they are talking about.   She also became exactly what she swore that she would never become.   I hope that someday she looks at herself in the mirror and sees what she has become and has a heart to heart with herself cause she's gonna need it.

But enough on the negative, the positive is that it's behind me now and it's time to look forward.    The new look is the blog and me.   For those who have seen me in the past month will know that I'm sporting a goatee now, trying to look a bit cleaner then the scruffy old beard. :-)

Not much new on the photography side.   Have some images on the hard drive that I haven't even looked at yet so maybe will do that this afternoon.

Things I want to share, I installed Windows 8 (pretty neat) and Jen got me a Nexus 7 (really cool!) for xmas.   will review both of them in time.

Off to the UK this coming weekend on business for a week.   No time to hit London on the inbound trip but I think I have a half day/evening on the way back.   Hoping to hit Piccadilly Circus (at night) and the London Eye, neither have I photographed before.

Hope everyone is well and again, Happy New Year!

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