Sep 8, 2012

Random Stuff

Good day everyone.   Crappy weekend on this end, thunder, lightening, rain, wind etc ... so no paddling and nothing exciting happening.  But decided to have a bit of fun with the gopro ;-)

We've had a little chipmunk hanging around ever since we moved in.   The wind knocked over the bird feeder and the feed had gotten wet so we just dumped it on the deck to see if the chipmunk would come and get it.  I put the gopro out, set it to take a 1 picture every 5 secs until the battery was dead.   Sure enough he showed up.   Here's a few of the better shots ;-)

Am I going to be famous?  Let me see how much feed I can get in my mouth!

While off dumping feed into his hiding place, look who shows up.

Fortunately this didn't get confrontational ;-)
Maybe tomorrow I'll attach the gopro to the bird feeder?????

For those who follow my ham radio hobby, here's a shot of my newest shack.   Finally got the 6 meter Cubex Queen Bee quad up at 27 feet and it seems to be working well.  The old Butternut vertical doing the HF duty.   Radials and feedlines are all buried.

VA3XA or VP9MM/VE3 hahaha

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