Aug 30, 2012

Ottawa to Kingston Loop

Over the past 25 years I have definitely spent some time in Kingston ;-)    It's a pretty town to visit and live in but the roads to and from Kingston also have many gems.   Yesterday we decided to take a day trip down to Kingston as Jen hadn't seen much of it over the years and I love the drive.  We definitely bit off more then we could really do properly in a day but it was a nice 11 hour run down hwy 2, into Kingston then hwy 15 back to Ottawa.

Click the image for a bigger view.

Right near Prescott is this lovely gem.   It's called the "Battle of the Windmill" where in 1838 a bloody battle was fought between the British, Canadian separatists and Americans.   Really neat spot to visit. More info over here -
Couldn't resist playing around a bit ;-)
The view of Kingston from the hillside at Fort Henry.,_Ontario
Have always enjoyed the view of this channel on the backside of the fort.  You can see all the wind mills out on Wolf island.
Downtown Kingston

Marine Museum of the Great Lakes -

Kingston Mills lock, such a shame this location has been scared by such senseless violence - The Shafia family murders -
One of the prettiest locks on the Rideau - Jones Falls -   Lovely to paddle but I found out a few years ago it's one serious bitch to portage hahaha.

Lots of elevation change at the lock

Looking across from Jones Falls.
Lovely brunch on the road and a wonderful supper at the Baldachin Inn and Restaurant in Merrickville.   We were hoping to get paddling today or tomorrow but the winds are still to high right now so maybe this coming weekend.  Fingers crossed.

As well the winds have been killing my plans to get the 6 meter quad in the air but everything is ready to go once I get a break.

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