May 7, 2012

Super Moon 2012

I know I know I haven't written much lately.....soon I promise!   Lots of stressful things going on in life these days that are wearing me down but still smiling with no regrets!   ;-)

Super "Orange" Moon 2012


  1. Hi Scott. Beautiful colour. I noticed that colour out my way as well, but once it got up higher in the sky it was more white and bright. Do you know why it would appear colourful - was thinking maybe city light pollution or something. Anyways, I'm sorry you're going through the stress. We're having some of that as well with the re-org. Oh well ... just try to breathe and as you say, smile. :) Btw - we had the canoe out this weekend. It was nice to get out, but the mosquitoes were a bother near the shore.

  2. Hey Candis! Well I do know that nice bright sunsets are caused by pollution but not sure about rising moons, I suspect so given that the only time I seem to see orange moons is during the summer months when the air is warm. We have a re-org going on at work as well but it all looks good for me, just need them to publish it so I can get on with defining roles and responsibilities. The rest of it is my divorce and all the foolishness involved in that and hosting an international conference this week. Makes for very long days when you go in and do your job, host the conference all day and then go back to work to put a dent in things. All this while the weather is telling me I should be in Algonquin somewhere! ;-) Jen's birthday this weekend and we're getting the canoe out of the garage and on the water if it kills me! Bug spray here I come. You paddling this weekend?