Feb 5, 2012

Week 6 - Signs - It's all Ok!

Still not sure if I like this new look and feel that blogger has when creating a new post.  Why do websites feel the need to keep changing things for those of us who were content?   Oh well, live with it I guess.

So first up, my shot for this weeks Project 52.  The theme was signs.   Naturally lots of people took great photos of various signs around them.   I was kinda hoping to find a "no dog poop" sign and then have Jackson take a shit in front of it, but that would be the stars aligning ;-)     Once again I tried to think about something besides what others were doing, thus the hand sign - ok.

In the process of shooting this I discovered;

1.  My remote shutter cable is to short for me to take a picture of myself,
2.  Guessing at the focus setting, hit the timer, press the shutter and get in front of the lens in time and in focus is a major pain, and
3.  I look much better in black and white ;-)

I thought I was so smart, no one else had posted something like this.  I worked on it for over an hour and once I posted, sure enough, someone beat me by 30 minute - doh!

Had another clear evening on Friday night so this time decided to do the startrail thing again, but this time to the north.   Once again the batteries are just not up to the task when it's cold (-10c) and 30 sec exposures.  The result is only 53 images blended into one.  But now I know exactly where the north star is when I look out my front door.   Just a pain that I have the glow of the city to the north and have to deal with that in my images.

Not a bad week overall.   Still getting the winter blahs on and off a bit, so the occasional self pity party.    Work has been steady but actually been finding some time to do some things that have been sitting on my to do list for the past few months.   Friday I hit an ice snowbank and put a nice dent in the plastic bumper on the truck.  It's down low and not really visible or noticeable to most people, but I can see it and it sucks!  

Been working on a new tattoo design ;-)   Jen and I are booked for the 16th.  Not sure if we'll have time on the 16th to get it done but hoping so.   I'm not going to post the image but it does involve an Inukshuk ;-)

That was my week.   Winter continues but we're surviving!  According to the rodents we're suppose to have an early spring.  I'll believe it when I see it.   Only 6 weeks till I head for Bermuda!  ;-)

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