Feb 5, 2011


What a beautiful day in the Ottawa region.  Blue skies and temps above 0c.   As a result we had wonderful blue skies with lots of fresh white snow thanks to the storm the other day.   Santa brought new snowshoes to Jen and I at Christmas but we really haven't had enough snow to try them out.  Today was the day!   At the same time it was a perfect day to try out the 2 new lenses.   I've only had the Tamron 17-50mm for 2 days so this was it's first real workout and the more I use the Nikon 80-200mm the more impressed and happy I am with the purchase.  It has to be the best lens I've ever used.   Along the walk we enjoyed the company of 2 of the farms dogs.  Jessy and Monchique (I think I have the names and spelling correct).

Be sure to click the image to see full size.

Make note of the snowball at the top of the image heading
my way.
D200 w/Tamron 17-50mm
Jen showing off the new snowshoes ;-)
Made by an Ontario company called BIGFOOT
D200 w/Tamron 17-50mm

Wanted to see what would happen shooting into the sun.  It works!  Nice star burst at F32
D200 w/Tamron 17-50mm

A couple of shots of my pretty lady ;-)
D200 w/Tamron 17-50mm

A couple of horse portraits.  These are with the big 80-200mm
D200 w/Nikon 80-200mm

Jessy and Monchique (I think I have the names and spelling correct) playing with Jen.  They are her new best friends ;-)    Seems throwing snow for hours is something they enjoy.
D200 w/Nikon 80-200mm

Hope everyone else is having a great weekend as well!


  1. All the dog photos, are really good! I like the sun one to!

  2. Wow! The DOF is really noticeable in the bottom shot. I think you're going to have a great time with these new lenses.

    Jen! My what big feet you have! ;)

    Where did the snowball land?????

  3. LOL re: the snowball shot. :D

    It was a gorgeous day yesterday, wasn't it. We got out for a bit of hike too.

    Scott, I've read through your past few posts about the new lenses, and all I can say is wow. It looks like you are having fun with them! So glad to you decided to do this, as it seems like you're re-energized. Really loving the dof and crispness you're getting with the 80-200mm. Really nice work!

    The dogs are gorgeous -- their colouring is amazing.:)

    Hi Jen - good arm btw ... ;-)

  4. Thanks everyone!

    Yes I'm really enjoying the 80-200mm, it's heavy but the results from it are amazing. I can now understand why Nikon has had it in their inventory for 13+ years without any serious upgrades. For the price it's first class.

    The Tamron I still need to learn. The colour from it is amazing, I put it into PS and the histogram is dead bang on, almost no adjustment needed. Same with the sharpness. But not as smooth looking as the 80-200mm. For some reason the Nikon, although extremely sharp, also has a very smooth look to it. But I haven't taken many shots with the Tamron yet.

    Heading back to Bermuda in May so those 2 lenses will really get a work out with colour ;-)

    Lets just say the snowball, fortunately, missed!

  5. Yes the snowball missed...and was followed by "you throw like a girl!!"...lol of course I didn't want to hit the camera ;-)

    It was a great day to be outside, and the snowshoes were lots of fun, hoping to get out again today while the temps are still mild :-)

    The dogs are great fun, don't think they knew what to make of the snowshoes though. Yep I think I have a couple of new buddies!!

  6. Whoops!! the comment above was me Jen, not Scott. I'm on his computer, and didn't notice the comment as box...lol